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Cato is an interactive game for learning and teaching English grammar. By playing our fun educational game, students learn phrasal verbs, parts of speech, question tags, reported speech, if clause and linkers.

CATO, an animated character takes the students to the wonder world of English language through interactive games.

The games are named after the central character, Cato, a boy endowed with magical skills. One of the interesting games is an expedition with Tarzan to rescue his mother Ape. This game is designed in such a way that it helps the viewer understand what reported speech is. A Million Rupee Game Show modeled on a popular television show is designed to acquaint learners with Phrasal Verbs. The conditional clauses are taught through an animation featuring Mannu and Minnu, two cute little rabbits.Then there is the ‘sentence linkers’ game. Words are jumbled up and if you rearrange them in right order the sentence linkers will be in your reach. Students may just find this method more helpful as it is innovative.


"Cato Games ROCKS!! Interesting concept presented in an easier way. Games are really good."

"Easiest way to study English. Characters are also really interesting. Expecting more products"

Our Team

Arun Kumar

CATO, an animation character developed by MR. Arun kumar A.R helps students to know English grammar with interactive games.

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